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The United States is the most popular study destination worldwide. Each year over half a million students visit the United States to study in US educational institutions at all levels. The US offers international students the most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive array of study options in the world. International students who choose to study in the US have almost unlimited study choices. Furthermore, international students who successfully complete their US study are highly sought-after by employers worldwide.

United States of America is a country of the western hemisphere, comprising fifty states and several territories. Forty-eight contiguous states lie in central North America between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bounded on land by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south; Alaska is in the northwest of the continent with Canada to its east, and Hawaii is in the mid-Pacific. The United States is a federal constitutional republic with Washington DC its federal capital.

The US hosts more international students than any other country in the world, a number fast approaching 600,000. In fact, international students comprise approximately 4% of the total Undergraduate US University and US college population, and 10% for US graduate school. These international students from every continent in the world choose to study in the US because they believe that a US education would afford them the best preparation for their future.

The modern population of America is a blend of several distinct heritages: Indian, Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese), and African, along with a relatively recent addition of immigrants from Asia and other parts of Europe. Some regions remain almost entirely Indian, some largely populated by peoples of African descent,a 2007 estimate puts population of USA to 301,523,000.

Due to the immense size and spread of topology in the US, it contains examples of nearly every global climate. The climate is temperate in most areas.

Main Cities:
New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, San Fransisco etc...

Culture & Multiculturism:
The United States is a diverse and multicultural nation, home to a wide variety of ideologies, customs and ethnic groups. An important component of American culture is the American Dream: the idea that, through hard work, courage, and determination, regardless of social class, a person can gain a better life.

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