With over 330,000 International Students currently studying in Australia, the education standards of Australia are second to none. Representing 54 different nationalities, International Students have made Australia the 3rd most popular destination for education in the world.

Quality of Education - Australia is renowned for its quality of teachers, teaching methods and facilities and there is a worldwide acceptance and respect for Australian degrees and qualifications.

• The student experience in Australia is unique. Living in Australia gives students a chance to enjoy a fabulous lifestyle in one of the most livable countries in the world.

• The cost of studying and living in Australia is considerably less for international students than in the USA and the UK.

Australian graduates enjoy excellent employability, both within their home countries and in Australia. Included in the many Australian graduate success stories are the global CEOs of Ford, Coca Cola and McDonalds, the first Japanese Astronaut and the stars of Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Together with the great lifestyle enjoyed by students and the quality of education provided by Australia institutions, the benefits of studying in Australia are endless.

* Multi-cultural society.
* Free from racial discrimination
* English is the common language used
* Religious freedom
* Immigrants from Europe and recently from Asia constitute the bulk    of the population
* Friendly People

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It's about the same size as the 48 mainland states of the USA and 50 percent larger than Europe, but has the lowest population density in the world - only two people per square kilo meter. It has population of 20 million only.

With the reverse season of the northern hemisphere, Australia enjoys a largely temperate climate. Most of Australia receives more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, or an amazing 70 percent of the total possible hours. Grab a hat and sunscreen and enjoy the delightful climate.
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